Is he doing what is expected of him or show-off to the media?

Yesterday’s defeat demoralised all Kaizer Chiefs Fans as they can see their dreams and hopes being derailed by MP Aces. Stewart Baxter wants to be praised in post match interviews. He usually boosts about rotating his players from the onset of the. Now it is vivid that Sundowns has won the title. There is no hope for chiefs anymore to retain their number one spot.




Why do most people continue to put their trust in Facebook friends?


Everyday people post private information about themselves, families, relationships and friends. Cybercrime escalates because of cyber relationships, because the more people trust in something the more thieves gain a maximum mileage out of that thing.


Lately, the Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe complained that someone pretended to be him on Facebook. The impersonator swindled Facebook lovers and friends by requesting money from the members of the public. This culminates into a bad image for Motlanthe as well.


To indicate that people trust Facebook friends more than their families, they believed that Kgalema Motlanthe could make such requests. This is caution to those who trust Facebook friends.


You believe what they ask or say at your own peril.



Government is unwittingly moving from traditional to electronic government (e-government).


Government is relying on online communication to interact with / to inform the citizens in terms of policies, performance and general information.  Government should use all channels of communication to communicate. Look at how the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) communicates, everything is available online (website) but nothing in print media.


GCIS’ publications like Vuk’uzenzele does not reach people in rural areas, however their communication is not effective because it does not reach their target audience. The Vuk’uzenzele magazine is about what government is doing to improve people’s lives. Democratic governance is about openness, transparency and receiving feedback from the citizens. Even the People in deep rural villages have the right to know.


How will these people be informed of government’s policies, works and information if they know nothing about the internet or online communication?






SABC fails the populace

The SABC has finally launched their 24 hour news channel for the first time which they envisage for a long time. The President of south Africa Jacob Zuma wished longevity for this news channel, and gave a curtly admonition that it should not chase profit rather cover and tell real South African stories. He said it should cover stories beyond crime and corruption. Albeit giving such advices, some of members of the opposition parties viewed his sentiment as being blatantly biased, as way of steering the organization into a certain direction he wants. The new channel is available on the DSTV bouquet on channel 404 and will keep viewers posted about what is happening around them in all official languages.

Essentially, the SABC was inconsiderate when they decided to take the channel to DSTV. SABC failed to be considerate of the populace who cannot afford to buy a DSTV decoder to give them what they want. They too want to see news not only in prime time but 24 hours. There are possible contingencies for DSTV to increase their subscription fee again, and chances are infinitely slim for poor people to get the opportunity to watch that “new” 24hours news channel. The public broadcaster should have obviated the problem of inaccessibility and unaffordability of DSTV in rural areas, because they cannot watch BBC, Sky news, E news channel Africa and other news channel on DSTV. SABC should have done better in bringing something new and incalculable to their viewers.